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4X4 Breather Hose Extension Kit

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Hauk Off Road has created a River Raider Universal Breather Hose Extension Kit that can be used on almost any 4x4, Jeep, truck, SUV, etc. From the factory, many breather hoses are run into a wheel well or to the firewall.

They have a one way valve on them that over time can become stuck or get dirt into the fitting, allowing water to enter your differentials, transmission, transfer case, etc. 

With this kit, we connect the breathers together with heavy duty barb fittings, running these to either your factory airbox or to the Hauk Off Road River Raider airbox. This will provide clean, dry air entering and leaving your drivetrains, keeping water and moisture out.

Hauk Off Road and River Raider Snorkel Systems came from a family of builders. Only the owner of a Jeep will understand how they want their Jeep to look and function, so Hauk Off Road has created a variety of products designed to upgrade your performance, appearance, and of course, your personal style.

When you take your Jeep out with Hauk products on it, you know heads will turn and jaws will drop. And isn't that one of best perks of owning a Jeep? Our products are tested in real life on our own Jeeps to make sure that when you get your hands on our parts, they are ready to impress.


  • Fits: Universal
  • Series: River Raider Series
  • Sold As: Kit
  • Country of Origin: USA