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2019-Present JT Gladiator Gas Tank Skid Plate

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Protect your JT Gladiator's gas tank on your next trail ride with our Hauk Off-Road JT Gladiator Gas Tank Skid Plate. This is built with 3/16" steel, and does not require the dropping of the fuel tank for installation. Available in bare steel, black satin powder coat, or any of our optional colors.

Proudly made in the USA!

Available powder coat colors (ALL COLORS ARE TEXTURED):

  • Satin Black
  • Gloss Black (Factory Jeep Color)
  • Gloss White (Factory JL Color) 
  • Firecracker Red Gloss (Factory JL Color) 
  • Punk'n Orange Gloss 
  • Ocean Blue Gloss (Factory JL Color) 
  • Sting Gray Gloss (Factory JL Color) 
  • Billet Silver Gloss (Factory JL Color) 
  • Granite Crystal Gloss (Factory JL Color)