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Kenny Hauk, the owner and founder of Hauk Offroad and River Raider Snorkel Systems, came from a family of builders. At a young age, his father Ken taught him the value of quality workmanship, stressing that the right way, although never the easiest, is always the best way. He instilled in him attention to detail and taught him how to build things that last.

Kenny spent his adolescent years in the construction field, working with stone and wood, building custom homes. His transportation to and from work was a Jeep Wrangler, which started his passion for Jeeps and off roading. Wanting to improve the off road capability of his Wrangler, Kenny began buying parts for his Jeep. However, he quickly became disappointed with the poor quality and craftsmanship of the aftermarket parts that were available. After several disappointing purchases, he began forming parts himself in his parents garage. Soon many of his off roading friends began requesting custom parts for their Jeeps. Then in 2006 Kenny found himself unemployed along with thousands of others in the construction field. Kenny turned this seemingly unfortunate circumstance into an opportunity to redirect his passion and hobby into a full time business.

Kenny began devoting his full attention to designing durable, high quality products to meet his own high standards for the Jeep market, from his award winning cast aluminum snorkel intake that revolutionized the market for Jeep intake systems, to the number one selling undercarriage skid plate system in the world. In September 2007, Kenny started River Raider Off Road in his parent's garage and it quickly grew into the premier Jeep accessories manufacturer that it is today. However our story does not stop there. Hauk Designs LLC was formed in 2010 with one simple goal: to build the best turn key 4x4's on the planet; and they have done just that. Starting with the Hauk designed River Raider Truck, they set a new standard in the Jeep industry with Chrysler even imitating the design later with the release of the JK-8 freedom kit.  This was followed by the LS powered Dune Raider with its signature chopped top, slant back, hot rod look that Hauk is now known for. In 2013 Hauk and his build team debuted the worlds first 24-valve Cummins diesel JK wrangler, called project Torque that set new records in JK performance. Stay tuned for the release of our new line of JL Wrangler parts for the newest 2018 Jeep Wrangler!

Hauk Offroad and River Raider Snorkels are also featured on the television show, Road Hauks as seen on the History Channel. Tune in to see Hauk's latest creations; a steam powered 6x6 Jeep, an all wheel drive Camaro, a Bronco on tracks and their Viking themed tractor trailer that folds into a stage for a traveling off-road show display!

What's next? Who knows! However one thing is sure. The talented team at Hauk Offroad will continue to push the envelope in product and vehicle design. We love talking with our fans and having a share in their projects. Please give us a call and let us know how we can help you build the off-road vehicle of your dreams! Hauk Designs LLC is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.